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Minneapolis' Park(ing) Day 2010

William A Lindeke

Department Affiliations


I'm interested in urban and human geography, specifically how urban space creates desire, habit, and shapes subjects. My research involves how public space works in US cities to create social possibilities, specifically around the push to increase non-motorized transportation. My dissertation focuses on bicycling advocacy and affect in the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area.

Educational Background

  • MA: Geography, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 2010.
  • BA: Literature and Philosophy, Williams College, Williamstown, MA, 2001.

Research Activities

  • Cultivating Bicycling Affect in Minneapolis-St Paul: Dissertation on bicycle advocacy, outreach, and anxiety approaches, Spring 2011 - Fall 2012

Creative Activities

  • Jazz Piano

Outreach Activities

  • St Paul Planning Commission
  • Board Member / Editor
  • CivicMedia/Minnesota: Board Member


  • Department of Geography Golden Shovel

Courses Taught

  • Geography 3371w: Cities, Sidewalks, and Communities
  • Geography 1403: Biogeography of the Global Garden
  • Geography 1372: Global Cities
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