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Biology, society and environment senior Ambrosia Smith in the news


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  • Brown Day Lecture!

    Brown Day Lecture
    Friday May 2, 2014
    3:30-5:15 (coffee and cookies at 3:00pm)
    Honeywell Auditorium, L-110 Carlson School of Management.
    me 019.jpg
    Mona Domosh
    Professor of Geography
    The Joan P. and Edward J. Foley Jr. 1933 Professor
    Vice President, Association of American Geographers
    Dartmouth College

    Title: "From the U.S. South to the Global South: Practicing Development at Home"

    Abstract: Drawing on a range of works that extend from gendered historical analyses of colonialism to critical histories of development, and based on archival research in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi, I argue in this talk that what we now call international development - a form of hegemony different from but related to colonialism - needs to be understood not only as a geopolitical tool of the cold war, but also as a technique of governance that took shape within the realm of the domestic and through a racialized gaze. I do so by tracing some of the key elements of the United States' international development practices in the postwar era to a different time and place: the American South, a region considered 'undeveloped' in the first decades of the 20th century, and the agricultural extension practices that targeted the rural farm home and farm women, particularly African-American women. Thus I am able to interrogate two relatively unexamined elements that are key to understanding the making of American international development: that much of its early focus was on governing through biopolitical practices of the domestic (food preparation, health, and sanitation), and that those practices were based on the agricultural extension work of the United States Department of Agriculture in the American South.

    May 1st, 2014
  • Emeritus Professor Joe Schwartzberg in the News!

    Emeritus Professor Joe Schwartzberg is featured in a MinnPost article by Eric Black titled "U.N. doesn't work, and a U of M professor has a plan to fix it." The article discusses structural problems at the U.N. and some of the solutions Professor Schwartzberg offers in his new book Transforming the United Nations System.

    from the article "... Schwartzberg has outlined a set of changes in {U.N.} power arrangements that, he writes, "if adopted, would help remedy, those deficiencies" in the U.N. structure that undermine the credibility and therefore the power of the world body."

    Read the entire MinnPost article here.


    April 24th, 2014
  • Congratulations Dinesh! Another recent grad hired for a tenure-track position

    Congratulations Dinesh!


    Dr. Dinesh Paudel (PhD '12), presently Post-Doctoral Fellow at Dartmouth College, has accepted a tenure-track position at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. He will be joining them as Assistant Professor in the Department of Sustainable Development.

    February 20th, 2014

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